The resemblance to Craps begins and ends with “Both games employ dice,” but Sic Bo is completely different. For one reason, each roll settles all bets on the table, whereas Craps requires an individual judgment on several bets (such as Line bets and Pass Line bets).

It’s surprising that this game isn’t more popular. A few game designers produced a comparable two dice game called “Scossa” (which is Italian for “Toss”) that similarly settled all bets on every single roll, but that game never really took off.

There is also a game called “Three Dice Football,” however the only way it can be compared to Sic Bo is that it uses three dice.

The game itself is unique and entirely based on luck. Many online casinos do not even provide it, but if you are interested, we will discuss a few sites that do as this page progresses.

Sic Bo Online Instructions

Three dice are always used in Sic Bo. It makes no difference whether you want to play online or in a physical casino. The table layout, the number of dice used, and the bets available are always the same. Sic Bo, like all dice-based games, is a game of chance. The game ultimately revolves around you betting on which number combinations appear on the dice when they are rolled. If the numbers on the dice match and are favorable to your bet, you will win from a predetermined paytable. You will lose your bet if you do not.

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There are numerous types of dice bets available in Sic Bo. You are, in fact, spoiled for choice. Before the game begins, you must place your chips (your bet) on the betting table on the spot, indicating the type of bet you wish to make. This is done in the same way that craps and roulette are.

Types of Sic Bo Bets
You can place the following bets in Sic Bo:

Small Bets: Except for triples, you predict that the total score of all three dice will be between 4 and 10.

Big Bets: Except for triples, you predict that the total score of all three dice will be between 11 and 17.

Combination Bet: A bet on two numbers that appear on all three dice.

Triples: You predict that all three dice will have the same number.

A single bet is a wager on a single number appearing on one or more dice.

A double bet is a wager that two dice will show the same number.

Domino Bet: A wager on a specific pair of numbers.

Total Bets: A wager that all three dice will add up to the player’s chosen number. There are fourteen different bets available, ranging from 4 to 17.

Single Number: A wager on the appearance of a single number on one or more dice. This bet, unlike a single bet, will reward players with increased payouts if it lands multiple times.

Any Triple: A wager that any triple number will appear on a roll of the dice.

Odds: A wager that the sum of the three dice will be odd. If a triple is rolled, this bet is lost.

Evens: A wager that the sum of the three dice will be an odd number. If a triple is rolled, this bet is lost.

Three-Number Combo (XXY): A wager on three distinct, individual numbers.

Three-Number Combo (XYZ): A wager on three specific numbers, two of which must be the same.

Four-Number Combo: A bet in which you choose four different numbers. It is won if three of the four numbers on the dice appear.

Winning, Rewards, and Payouts

The dice are rolled after a bet has been placed. If the numbers on the dice match those specified in your bet, you will win based on the paytable rate. If they do not match your wager, you will lose your wager.

Online Sic Bo Variants

Players should keep in mind that, while the above bets can be found in many Sic Bo games, there are rule variations in each title. Some Sic Bo games use Atlantic City, Macao, or Australian rules, which change the value of the payouts as well as the types of bets available.

You may also come across live dealer games, RNG (random number generator) versions of the game, and national variants such as India’s Jhandi Munda, among others.

Some strategies for Playing OKBet Sic Bo

When betting on Sic Bo, you don’t have a lot of strategy options, as you do with most games of chance. However, there are a couple of pointers we can give you that should make the game a little easier to play. These are some examples:

Understanding the Bets: Before you place a bet, you must first understand how it works. Some even-money bets are ideal for newcomers, while others are so unlikely to win that they may be worthless.

Big and small bets: These are the best bets for newcomers. They are simple to understand, and the lower house edge means you have a reasonable chance of success, even if the small payouts may not be ideal.