OKBet Tennis betting is second only to football in terms of worldwide popularity, with billions of dollars placed on the sport each year.

One of the primary reasons for this is the frequency with which tournaments are held – with the exception of a brief break between mid-November and Christmas, there is a tennis match being played somewhere in the world almost every day, with tournaments held on a regular basis, often several at the same time.

This means that bettors can almost always find a tennis match to wager on, whether it’s on the main ATP (men’s) or WTA (women’s) circuits, or the junior “feeder” leagues, such as the Challenger and ITF Futures Tours.

There are several ways to bet on tennis, including betting online before a match, which is ideal for beginners, or the excitement of In-Play Betting, which is available to more experienced gamblers while a tennis match is in progress.

While there are other tennis betting markets, the five most popular are probably Match Winner, Set Betting, First (or Subsequent) Set Winner, Handicap, and Total Games. Each of these is explained in detail below, along with some free tennis betting suggestions. We have tennis betting tips for all of them based on what we believe will be the best for today!

But first, here are some basic tennis betting tips from OKBet

There are some general rules to follow before betting on tennis.

To increase your chances of success in tennis betting, you must first study each player’s strengths and limitations before betting on them. While their world ranking is one factor, it is far from the only one.

What surface are they playing on – hardcourt, clay, or grass – and how does it fit their game, whether they serve-volley or play from the baseline? Are they in form, or are they recovering from an injury, which affects many players on tour?

A consultant providing tennis betting recommendations should take into account the two players’ head to head record against each other. While one player may potentially be stronger than the other in terms of rankings and tournament achievements, their opponent may just have a mental or psychological advantage over them.

Another thing to consider when betting on tennis is the weather.

Some Grand Slam events, such as the Australian and US Opens, are frequently played in harsh temperatures or high humidity, which can impact individual players in different ways.

Despite tennis players are incredible athletes, the human body is not built to compete when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius or the air is so dense that it is difficult to breathe. Some players handle harsh weather better than others, so see who has suffered in the past.

The most critical element in this situation is to really observe the tennis match on which you are betting. When you watch tennis, you can get a different perspective on things that you wouldn’t get if you only followed the score.

Last but not least, make sure you understand the fundamentals of online tennis betting, including its benefits and drawbacks.

OKBet Tennis Betting Strategies (Tennis Betting Markets)

There are numerous ways to bet on tennis, as well as numerous and interesting markets that everyone can use for their tennis betting. Tennis caters to most audiences, whether you are a first-timer looking for a fun tennis bet or a professional seeking to carve out a large profit, or anywhere in between.

OKBet Tennis Betting Odds

Tennis betting odds can be offered in a variety of formats, including fractions, decimals, and moneylines, which are common in North America. More info on how odds operate and what types of odds exist may be found in our guide to understanding how tennis odds work. If you are already familiar with odds, proceed to the next part; however, if you need a short refresher, you can take a look before returning to this page.

Tennis picks made by professionals will, of course, have odds connected with the tipster’s approach.

Match Winner

Match Winner is just a bet on who will win the game. It can be tough to make money betting on a heavy favourite, as the odds will be very low (they are commonly given odds-on), but knowing a player’s form, and if they play well on a specific surface – clay, or grass, for example – can be worth examining in preparation.

Those who prefer to bet on a favorite may wish to consider placing a combined, accumulator bet – also known as a parlay bet – in which tennis wagers on multiple matches are combined into one, rather than a direct betting on the outcome – to boost their chances of winning.

For Example:

Juan Dela Cruz vs Cardo Dalisay
Dela Cruz Winner Odds: 8/11
Dailsay Winner Odds: 1/1

This means that if you bet on Dela Cruz to win the tennis match and he does, a bet of 11 units will return you eight units in addition to the 11 units you bet.

Similarly, a 10 unit wager on Dalisay will return an additional 10 units if Dalisay wins the tennis match.

OKBet Tennis Set Betting

Set betting is a tennis bet on the number of games played in a match as well as the correct set score. For example, at a Grand Slam event, Novak Djokovic may win three sets to one over Milos Raonic, or Naomi Osaka may win two sets to one over Ashley Barty.

This is not always as straightforward as it appears on paper. While one player may be technically strong, they may be suffering from an injury or the wear and tear of playing a lot of matches on tour.

Furthermore, higher-ranked players are often vulnerable in the early rounds of a tournament and struggle with motivation against opponents who, by contrast, have a strong incentive to beat them.

All of these factors indicate that the outcome of a match may be much closer than expected, and if you look at our tournament prediction pages, you will see a few matches each day where our free tennis betting tips point to such markets.

First (or Subsequent) Set Winner

Some other popular bet is on the results of individual sets, and many bookmakers allow people to bet on who will win the first, second, or third set, depending on the playoff format.

It works on the same principle as tennis match betting, with the exception that you are betting on the results of a single set rather than the entire match. However, as with match betting, supporting a heavy favorite rarely results in good odds.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is available in all sports, including tennis. It is used by bookmakers to “even” the odds between two players by assigning a handicap to the favorite that must be faced before a bet can be successful, usually in the form of the number of games or sets. Only by overcoming the handicap can the bet be won.

For Example:

If Rafael Nadal faced David Goffin of Belgium in the Rome Masters and the handicap was applied to games, Rafael Nadal, as the favorite, could be given a handicap of -3.5.

If someone bet on him to win the match 6-4, 6-4, the bet would win because Nadal’s total number of games won (6 + 6 = 12) exceeds Goffin’s total number of games won (4 + 4 = 8) by 4, exceeding the handicap of 3.5.

If, on the other hand, you bet on Stefanos Tsitsipas to beat Daniil Medvedev by two sets to love with a handicap of -1.5 and he only won by the odd set in three, you’d lose your money. Because Tsitsipas’ handicapped score of 2 (1+1) is less than Medvedev’s adjusted total of 2.5 (1 + 1.5), he is the favorite.

This is a fascinating tennis betting market, and we will do our best to provide some free tennis tips in this area as well.

Total Games

Total Games betting is often known as overs and unders in the sports betting world. You are betting on the total number of games that will be played in a match with this sort of bet.

A bookmaker will assign a number, and you will wager on whether the games played will be greater (over) or less (under) that number. In general, if you anticipate a tight match, bet over or under, and if you anticipate a one-sided clash, bet under.

Tennis Betting with Bookmakers We Trust

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