After a successful training and recruitment day in Hong Kong last year, Philippine Rugby will participate in the 2022 Charitable Rugby Tournament in Kings Park, Hong Kong, on Sunday.

PBP hosts and organizes charity event, which raises money for rugby development, children’s education, and disadvantaged children.

“The endorsement from PBP towards Philippine Rugby is one of the Union’s longest standing endorsements; each year, the contribution to our Rugby Development Fund makes sure that we as an organization can continue to develop the game all over the country.” “A big thank you to their loyal support, especially in these financially challenging times due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic,” says Jake Letts, General Manager for Partnerships for Philippine Rugby.

The Pot Bellied Pigs will host their event outside of the Philippines for the second time in 2022, owing to their adaptation to the covid-19 environment, which had limited their overseas footprint for their annual charitable tours. The Hong Kong Rugby Football Union has sanctioned this year’s tournament, which will be held on September 10.

“Due to constrained travel, we relocated our event to Hong Kong in 2021.” The tournament was a qualified success, thanks to the support of the HK rugby community. It was the first time the competition was held on two pitches outside the Philippines. “It was a fantastic day enjoyed by all and fantastic to see women’s rugby represented further in our tournament,” Andrew Green of the Pot Bellied Pigs said.

A full Filipino team will be fielded to represent Philippine Rugby, with Philippine Volcano Robert Luceno Fogerty coaching the team. “We are excited for the opportunity to play; it’s a fantastic event that raises not only much-needed support for Philippine Rugby but also showcases Filipino rugby talent,” says Fogerty.

The tournament will feature 38 teams competing for the title. Still, the day is most importantly celebrated to support social rugby and raise funds for the organizations supported by the Pot Bellied Pigs.

“Saturday, September 10th at Kings’ Park, is a great day for rugby, and we are excited to play our part in supporting the game’s growth,” says John Hamilton, Chairman of the PBP.